Microwave Leakage Testing

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What is microwave leakage?

Microwave leakage refers to the amount of radiation that leaks from the microwave oven during operation.

During operation a microwave produces radioactive energy that causes the water molecules in food & drinks to vibrate, this rapid vibration creates the heat that cooks the item. This invisible radioactive energy can also penetrate living tissue, that’s why microwave radiation exposure can be harmful to your health.

Wear and tear, food particle build up, slamming of the microwave oven door and rust are amongst the factors that can cause a microwave oven to leak radiation.

Our microwave leakage testing process:

  • The microwave is inspected for physical damage.
  • An electrical test is performed to ensure electrical safety before proceeding (refer testing & tagging).
  • Using specific microwave radiation measuring equipment, a radiation leakage test is performed taking readings from around the microwave to ensure it complies with Australian Standards*.
  • A label is attached to the microwave showing the radiation levels and recommended retest date.

Note: if at any of these stages the microwave oven was outside of the applicable Australian Standards*, the microwave would be labelled accordingly and you would be advised of an appropriate course of action.

How often should my microwave be tested for leakage?

In most work environments the Best Practice recommendation is for yearly retesting, however in some high use environments 6 monthly retesting is preferred.

Andrew’s microwave oven tip!

No matter what the microwave radiation level is, minimal human exposure is recommended.

Best process is to place the food or drink inside the microwave oven, set the time, press start and walk away until the timer has finished.

*Applicable Australian Standards:

  • AS/NZS 3760 – In-service safety inspection and testing of electrical equipment.
  • AS/NZS 60335.2.25 – Household and similar electrical appliances – safety – particular requirements for microwave ovens, including combination microwave ovens.

Questions & bookings:

For more information and to make a booking please call 4U safety solutions on 1300 150 661 or use our contact us form.

Service areas for microwave radiation leakage testing:

We generally service the Greater Geelong, Bellarine Peninsula and Surfcoast Regions of Victoria. We also service selected businesses and schools in Colac, Melbourne CBD and Melbourne’s West.

For suburbs included in our regular service area check here or contact us.

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