Pay on the Day Discount

Pay on the Day Discount:

Our business is primarily based on payment at the time of service and to incentivise you (plus maintain good cash flow for us) we offer most clients / jobs a 10% Pay on the Day Discount (PODD).

PODD applies when you pay be cash, debit or credit card, cheque, mobile banking transfer, etc… at the time of service or may be applied if doing an internet transfer within 24 hours of being invoiced (if applicable, details will be contained in your invoice email).

Here are some of the conditions related to PODD, however more info is contained in our Trading Terms which apply to all clients, please read.

PODD does not apply to all jobs or clients, it is at the discretion of 4U safety solutions and its staff to offer PODD or not.

  • If a PODD invoice is not paid within 24 hours from the invoice date, the 10% discount no longer applies and the full invoice value MUST be paid.
  • If an invoice is generated late in a day the PODD will apply for the next day / next business day if falling over a weekend or public holiday.
  • PODD may not apply to outside of area / outside trading hours jobs.
  • In some cases a 5% Prompt Payment Discount may be offered allow up to 48 hours for payment at the discounted amount.

If you have any questions about our Pay on the Day Discount please Contact Us.