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Trading terms:

Although our business and pricing structure is primarily based on payment at time of service, the following terms apply to anyone approved for a Credit Account with 4U safety solutions or has agreed to Pay on the Day via bank transfer sometime later that day.

  • Please note we will provide you a 10% Pay on the Day Discount when you pay by cash, credit card, cheque, mobile banking transfer, etc… at the time of service. This does not apply to credit accounts.
  • If a Pay on The Day Discounted amount is not paid within 24 hours from invoice date, the 10% Pay on The Day Discount no longer applies and the full invoice value MUST be paid.
  • Goods supplied remain the property of 4U safety solutions until their invoice is paid in full.
  • Failure to pay an invoice within 7 days from the invoice due date may attract a $20 administration fee being applied. This administration fee applies to each overdue invoice as compensation towards the time consumed in phone & email follow ups.
  • Failure to pay within 30 days from the invoice due date may result in your account being handed over to our Debt Collection Agency. If this occurs you will be responsible for all recovery costs (agency costs, courts costs, etc…) and interest of 5% will accumulate until paid in full.
  • Multiple late invoice payments may result in your account being rendered as COD only.
  • Authority to perform the work, either written or verbal, constitutes your acceptance of these trading terms… unless alternative terms have been agreed to in writing from 4U safety solutions.
  • If extenuating circumstances prevent you from paying your account by the due date, please contact us immediately on 1300 150.661 or use the contact us form as this may avoid additional charges being applied to your account and Debt Collection Agency involvement.

Questions & bookings:

For more information and to make a booking please call 4U safety solutions on 1300 150 661 or use our contact us form.