Exit & Emergency Light Testing

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What is exit & emergency lighting?

Exit & emergency lighting is the backup lighting system that is required in many buildings that assists you, your staff and customers to exit the building in case of a power failure or fire.

The exit & emergency lighting system has batteries designed to run these lights for a minimum of 90 minutes in an emergency.

Exit & emergency lighting is part of the Essential Safety Measures.

Who is responsible for maintaining the exit and emergency lighting system?

Maintenance and testing of the exit & emergency lighting system is generally the responsibility of the building owner, the landlord, however occasionally this responsibility sits with the tenant (refer to your lease).

If you are a tenant in a building (office, shop, factory, etc) that has exit & emergency lights installed, please don’t just expect that the landlord has this covered. If there is an emergency and someone gets injured you may still be liable if you have ignored this area of compliance.

How often do exit & emergency lights have to be tested?

It is a legal requirement that exit and emergency lights be inspected and tested every 6 months.

It is also a legal requirement for the building owner, property manager or tenants to ensure that the ‘Paths of travel’ (paths that lead to and through the emergency exits) are inspected every 3 months and kept clear from obstructions.

Our exit & emergency light testing process:

  • A building inspection is performed to locate all exit & emergency lights for log booking – performed on first visit and details entered into a log book.
  • Each 6 months a visual inspection and push test is performed on each exit & emergency light.
  • Faulty globes are replaced as required.
  • The mains power is switched off to the exit & emergency lights and a 90 minute battery test is commenced.
  • Cleaning of lights and diffusers is conducted as required.
  • Periodic inspections to identify any batteries not lasting the 90 minutes.
  • At completion of 90+ minutes the mains power is reinstated and the exit & emergency lights are inspected to ensure recharging has begun.
  • Inspection results are recorded in the log book and any required repairs are discussed with you and further actions agreed.

Note: The Australian Standards* state any newly installed exit & emergency lights or batteries must be tested to ensure battery duration lasts for a minimum 120 minutes.

*Applicable Australian Standards:

  • AS/NZS 2293.2 – Emergency lighting testing & inspection.

Questions & bookings:

For more information and to make a booking please call 4U safety solutions on 1300 150 661 or use our contact us form.

Service areas for exit & emergency lighting:

We generally service the Greater Geelong, Bellarine Peninsula and Surfcoast Regions of Victoria. We also service selected businesses and schools in Colac, Melbourne CBD and Melbourne’s West.

For suburbs in our regular service area check here or contact us.

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